Lifestyle restrictions and fitness issues change for men after we hit 40. We have kids to raise and desks to sit behind for a large part of the day, leading to low energy and a poor diet. A lack of maintenance has caused aching joints and back pain that have to be addressed before you can start a regular strength training regimen. Fitness Experts can get you on the safe, effective, and affordable track to the best physique of your life without interfering with your busy schedule.


There’s a reason everything is online these days. People have realized that you don’t have to sacrifice the things that matter to you because of your location or busy schedule. Your Fitness Experts personal trainer will work with you to build a personalized program that works for your body and your life. He or she will develop that routine and make changes as you progress.


Your personal trainer will help you set realistic goals and reach them safely by addressing the common issues that men over 40 face when increasing their fitness routines. Access more experienced and knowledgeable trainers than what’s available locally and contact your trainer any time for answers and assistance. Health and safety are the number one priority when it comes to Fitness Experts programs.


Your customized program includes a workout regimen, nutrition plan, daily tips, and guidance via phone, email, and Skype. Strength testing, endurance testing, and body fat measurements help your trainer stay apprised of your progress throughout the program and evolve your routines to maximize your results. Professional boxers, hockey players, and real individuals with personal goals just like yours have achieved success through Fitness Experts and you can too.

Daily messages have shown a 90% increase in exercise adherence. Join the Fitness Experts community for constant support, positive affirmations, and life coaching that will take you from setting goals to achieving them.

For a limited time, Fitness Experts is offering a free personalized meal plan and a copy of our user-friendly nutrition booklet when you sign up. Get on the right track to a healthier and stronger you today.


It’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym and you can’t quite make it through 30 solid minutes of cardiovascular activity. You’re battling low energy and high stress. The Recovery Program will improve your joint stability, correct muscular imbalances, and improve your cardiovascular function with a custom regimen to get you primed for resistance training in just four to eight weeks.


You’ve got an active baseline established, but you’re not quite ready to push it. The Transition Program uses functional movement training and cardio to develop your health and ability before adding weight. This eight-week, custom workout routine includes your initial video assessment with your personal trainer and biweekly check-ins via Skype or phone.


Are you already maintaining regular cardio and physical activity? Ready to get serious? Let’s add some weight and respiratory training to get you to a higher level of fitness. Increase your strength and endurance with a customized regimen that your personal trainer will evolve as your abilities improve.

See real results by following the included personalized nutrition plan. Track your progress and alter your training with monthly video assessments and biweekly Skype or phone check-ins. You’ll also have access to email support for exchanging information and images with your personal trainer.


This program is not for everyone. If you’re pushing the envelope, working towards peak performance, and you’re ready for maximum intensity, this advanced customized training is for you. We’ll work on improving your speed, agility, and strength with power training, functional movements, and serious cardio.

  • “Training with Michael is the perfect way to get out of a slump! He pushed me to limits I would have never attempted on my own, he held me accountable to my goals, and still managed to make each workout FUN! I would highly recommend Fitness Experts to help anyone improve their strength and achieve their goals!” Jennifer Estall
  • Michael takes personal training to the next level. His knowledge of fitness, nutrition and general well being is unparalleled. Michael has a subtle way of feeding you knowledge that slowly changes your attitude towards fitness creating motivation from within. I would recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for real lasting fitness results.Mike is not only a close friend but a mentor in my health and lifestyle…want proof? Ask to see my six pack:)Daniell Barich
  • Mike is great!! and is constantly monitoring my progress and pushes me to cross the limits to help achieve my goal t stay fit. Awesome always smiling 🙂Amit Nayyar
  • I’ve been training with Mike for around four months now and I’ve seen a huge increase in my fitness level. He’s friendly, know his stuff, and is a great motivator. I always look forward to my sessions each week because I know I will get results. Philip Parsons
  • I have been training with Mike now and not only is he a great trainer, he’s a great guy! I asked him to scuplt my body and I can really see this happening. He pushes me hard and I appricate that, so I get the results I want. He’s still got a lot of work to do yet on this old body!!! LOL, Sorry Mike you’re stuck with me. 😉Amanda Wakfer
  • Michael is an awesome person plus we’re both named Michael, lol. Michael is a great person to know and a great trainer, as a bigger guy training with Michael my confidence was not always there, but Michael has made me feel comfortable and working out hard then ever. He motivates and really shows that he cares even after the workout. I personally couldn’t see myself training with anyone else. When I’m not training with him, I can hear his voice in the back of my head correcting me on my mistakes and proper form. Äbs tight Mike”. Michael Padmore
  • Mike is a fantastic PT! He teaches and builds from proper fundamentals and pushes you to reach your goals. His knowledge not only about fitness but nutrition is outstanding and his energy and enthusiasm are contagious!!!Alex Kay