Every client at every level gets their own personalized fitness plan, which means we have to be very clear where you are, where you want to be, and what your challenges are in getting there. We assess things like resting heart rate and blood pressure, body composition and body hydration levels, BMI, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health, along with nutritional habits and calorie intake values.

Assess your current fitness levels, your nutrition, your fitness goals, and even how much time you can dedicate to fitness
Define any fitness goals and challenges, identify current strengths and uncover any areas that need improvement
Determine your knowledge level about how fit you think you are to minimize dysfunctional training


  • Do you need to get off the couch?

    If you’re just getting started in the fitness world, we can build a plan to make sure you have a great functional baseline for your fitness.

  • Do you want to feel less out of breath?

    We can build a plan based on improving your cardio to prepare you for more explosive and high impact exercises at higher levels.

  • Do you want to get off the bench?

    We have plans for competitive athletes looking to make big improvements in line with their competitive or professional goals.

  • Do you want to get to the NFL?

    Check out our top tier plans focused on anearobic power training to learn to perform at your highest levels as an athlete.


We constantly re-assess your performance according to your initial assessment, and will adapt your program as needed to make sure you are always getting the best possible results. This includes everything from new exercises, to new meal plans, to suggesting a new overall fitness program at a higher level.

Record your results to keep you accountable and on track, and use the results to re-evaluate and improve your plan over time
Progress through our 4 fitness levels, increasing the challenge (and the results!) at every new stage of your fitness program

Our customized fitness plans are based on your current fitness level, motivation & commitment, and personal fitness goals.

Delta Program


Per Session

This program is for the Average Joe or Jane looking to improve their fitness , feel better, lose weight, or build muscle.

  • I rarely get off the couch
  • I hate going to the gym
  • I can’t find time for fitness
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Charlie Program


Per Session

This program is for individuals in decent shape who are looking for an overall improvement in athletic performance.

  • I am active every day
  • I like going to the gym
  • I make time for fitness
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Bravo Program


Per Session

This program is for the competitive athlete looking to perform at the pro level in their chosen sport or activity.

  • I never sit still
  • I am always at the gym
  • I am always working out
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Alpha Program


Per Session

This program is for the professional athlete looking to reach their full athletic potential – think Olympic Athletes.

  • I run at light speed
  • I basically live at the gym
  • Fitness is my life
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