Are you lacking motivation? At Fitness Experts, we understand it’s hard to break bad habits. 

Do you want to get off the couch and live a healthier lifestyle? Our Delta fitness level programs are designed for the individual that needs to get their blood pumping and decrease their body fat.

The Delta Program establishes S.M.A.R.T. goals to help steer you in the right direction, ensuring you’re successful with your fitness goals. At the first meeting, your personal trainer will assess all your needs.

Based on your eating habits, they will develop a meal plan that provides you with the maximum energy to train and reach your fitness goals. By assessing any muscular imbalances and your movability, they will create a fitness program specific to your mobility and personal needs.

The Delta program is designed to improve joint stability, mobility, and help weight loss, preventing injuries, and enhancing the body’s overall response to conditioning.

Improve your body composition with our customized Delta fitness program and easy-to-follow meal plan.
Fitness Expert strength programs are designed to improve the body’s function and composition.
Our aerobic conditioning programs are designed to create an aerobic base, improve energy, and decrease body fat.


The Delta fitness assessment

Record your results to keep yourself accountable and on-track; use the results to re-evaluate and improve your plan over time.
Progress through our 4 fitness levels, increasing the challenge (and the results!) at every new stage of your fitness program journey.


  • Exercise Plan

    Are you just getting started in the fitness world? We can build a plan tuned to your needs, ensuring you have a great functional baseline for your fitness levels to grow. View a sample exercise plan

  • Meal Plans

    Our meal plans are straightforward to follow and provide a seven-day outline of your meals and a shopping list for your foods. View a sample nutrition plan


Athletes in the Alpha Fitness Program have gone on to see success in many professional sports. At Fitness Experts, we’re very proud of all the athletes we’ve trained and are always striving to push our trainees to achieve their ultimate potential.

Football conditioning programs should be year-round. We develop well-balanced training programs that focus on all the needs of a football player.

The program should focus on off-season six months, in-season five months, and the transitional phase for one month. The off-season training should emphasize developing maximum strength and power. During the in-season, sessions should be focused on maintaining the strength developed from the off-season conditioning.


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