At our Alpha Fitness level, we focus on performance training – improving a professional athlete’s performance based on speed, agility, reactivity, and power. 

Conditioning involves anaerobic-power training, which pushes the athlete to their limits, maximizing their potential.

Fitness Experts uniquely design Periodization Programming geared toward your sport.
We provide anaerobic-power training at a high ventricular threshold.
We aim to improve your speed, agility, reactivity, and power.


At the Alpha fitness level, your assessments focus on body composition, one rep max strength, and cardiovascular tests. To enter this fitness program, you need to be able to perform at this level.

The tests are used to measure an athlete’s current abilities, which helps to develop a program that is precisely tailored to the athlete’s specific needs.

The body composition and hydration results from the assessment are used to develop a personalized meal plan.
The maximal strength test results are used to design an exercise plan using the correct loads to heighten the effects of the fitness program.
The aerobic test results are used to design a cardiovascular fitness program that focuses on the athlete’s anaerobic-power needs.


  • Olympic Lifting / Plyometrics

    Olympic lifting and plyometric training are two crucial ingredients in a professional athlete’s program. Olympic lifting uses an anaerobic methodology of training that focuses on moving weights farther and faster than conventional weight training. This type of training helps athletes to develop fast-twitch fiber in their muscles, which is an essential factor contributing to improving strength, speed, and power. View a sample exercise plan

  • Sports Nutrition

    We create meal plans that are personalized to meet the needs of each one of our athletes. The athlete needs to have the right intake of calories balanced correctly with the demanding output of our performance conditioning fitness programs. View a sample nutrition plan


At Fitness Experts, we’ve had several success stories from athletes we’ve had the honor to train. We could not be prouder of our professional trainers, who create unique fitness programs that allow our athletes to achieve their true potential.

Football conditioning programs should be year round. We develop well-balanced training programs that focus on all the needs of a football player.

The program should focus on off-season 6 months, in-season 5 months and transitional phase for 1 month. The off-season should focus on developing maximum strength and power. The in-season should be focused on maintaining the strength that was developed from the off-season conditioning.


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