• Our Custom Designed Program

    The program is super easy to follow, and there are easy-to-follow videos that guide you in successfully completing each exercise. When your scheduled workout is complete, the platform will notify your trainer, so they can track your progress.

  • Customized Nutrition Plans

    In addition to your custom workout program, we provide you with a customized meal plan, and/or nutritional guidelines, depending on your chosen plan.

  • Impact-Driven Daily Tips

    We send you informative emails on a regular basis that include our unique health and habit tips.

  • Client-Centered Phone/Skype Consultations

    We offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly phone or Skype consults, ranging from 15-minutes to 60-minutes.

  • Our Full Support via Email

    We are here to answer all of your questions about the program. Have questions about the food you’re eating? Email us a photo! Have general concerns? Simply email us for a prompt, and thorough, response.

  • Guided Movement Screen

    We offer an initial movement assessment over Skype, in addition regular check-ins.

  • Assessment of Any Kind

    With our program, you can assess anything from strength tests, to endurance tests, to body fat measurements.

  • Membership Program

    Access to a password-protected platform that delivers tips, hosts a community, and provides additional support.


It’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym and you can’t quite make it through 30 solid minutes of cardiovascular activity. You’re battling low energy and high stress. The Recovery Program will improve your joint stability, correct muscular imbalances, and improve your cardiovascular function with a custom regimen to get you primed for resistance training in just four to eight weeks.

Elite Fitness

This program is not for everyone. If you’re pushing the envelope, working towards peak performance, and you’re ready for maximum intensity, this advanced customized training is for you. We’ll work on improving your speed, agility, and strength with power training, functional movements, and serious cardio.


You’ve got an active baseline established, but you’re not quite ready to push it. The Transition Program uses functional movement training and cardio to develop your health and ability before adding weight. This eight-week, custom workout routine includes your initial video assessment with your personal trainer and biweekly check-ins via Skype or phone

Strength and Endurance

Are you already maintaining regular cardio and physical activity? Ready to get serious? Let’s add some weight and respiratory training to get you to a higher level of fitness. Increase your strength and endurance with a customized regimen that your personal trainer will evolve as your abilities improve.

See real results by following the included personalized nutrition plan. Track your progress and alter your training with monthly video assessments and biweekly Skype or phone check-ins. You’ll also have access to email support for exchanging information and images with your personal trainer.


There’s a reason everything is online these days. People have realized that you don’t have to sacrifice the things that matter to you because of your location or busy schedule. Your Fitness Experts personal trainer will work with you to build a personalized program that works for your body and your life. He or she will develop that routine and make changes as you progress.


Your personal trainer will help you set realistic goals and reach them safely by addressing the common issues that men over 40 face when increasing their fitness routines. Access more experienced and knowledgeable trainers than what’s available locally and contact your trainer any time for answers and assistance. Health and safety are the number one priority when it comes to Fitness Experts programs.


Your customized program includes a workout regimen, nutrition plan, daily tips, and guidance via phone, email, and Skype. Strength testing, endurance testing, and body fat measurements help your trainer stay apprised of your progress throughout the program and evolve your routines to maximize your results. Professional boxers, hockey players, and real individuals with personal goals just like yours have achieved success through Fitness Experts and you can too.

Daily messages have shown a 90% increase in exercise adherence. Join the Fitness Experts community for constant support, positive affirmations, and life coaching that will take you from setting goals to achieving them.

Your Success

The two factors that will impact your success as you strive toward your fitness goals are accountability and information. If you have these two factors on your side, you can set your goals more ambitiously and follow through on them more confidently, knowing that you have raised the odds substantially in your favor. By learning the proper techniques and a sensible routine and lifestyle that suit your unique needs, we at Fitness Experts empower our clients to set themselves up for long-term results, operating on the key statistic that a full 90% more people can reach their fitness goals when they can rely on ongoing communication with their trainers.

At Fitness Experts, we offer all our clients regular notification messages through e-mail and text, education through our blogs, and Skype meetings for one-on-one check-ins, assessments, and inspiration. We make it easy and convenient for our clients to develop their exercise and training skills, and we offer them effective accountability tools. This way, they can go through their workouts knowing that they are doing everything safely and properly, and from one day to the next, they will either keep up with their schedule or have to answer for falling behind.

Through our cutting-edge platform, we connect into apps like Fit Zone, Fit Bit, and My Fitness Pal so that our trainers can track our clients’ progress in real-time. Everything happens right inside the Fitness Experts mobile app, where trainers and clients can connect and chat. We offer training according to our clients’ specific needs: online training, private training, or a combination of the two. Group training and corporate are also available, and we can set up organizations, families, or even friends to work out together as part of our programs. Combating aging, low energy, muscle loss, and all the other problems inherent to less-than-ideal fitness, we want to give our clients solutions they can count on – and keep them coming back for more.

See what Fitness Experts can do for you. Click here to learn more about our platform and start taking advantage of all its benefits!