Client: Samuel V.

Michael worked with Samuel for eight weeks, preparing him for the Canadian N.C.C. Welterweight Championship fight.

His story:

Samuel came to Michael needing assistance to develop a meal plan that would help support his energy requirements for a high-level training program. 

The first four weeks were spent on training five days a week, working on correcting any muscular imbalances, improving his range of movement, and developing his functional strength.

Five weeks out, we started working on his anaerobic power conditioning. This fitness program ran for four weeks, making sure he was peaking the correct energy systems at the right time before his fight.

One week out, we made sure he had the necessary recovery for his body to be able to perform at 100% on the night of his fight. The focus was on myofascial self-release, flexibility, and some light core work.  

The boxing analyst picked Samuel to be a huge underdog, and he managed to shock the boxing community by winning the N.C.C. title belt. He demonstrates that, with the right program and focus, you can accomplish anything.

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